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Stephen Kraus is a leading expert on digital trends & consumer insights

Author, speaker, Harvard Ph.D. 

Head of Digital Insights for Jumpshot

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Stephen Kraus Bio

Stephen Kraus is one of the world's leading experts on consumer insights and digital trends. He is currently Head of Digital Insights for Jumpshot, a rapidly-growing startup that delivers digital intelligence from within the Internet's most valuable walled gardens.

Steve is author of three books and dozens of articles. His book The New Elite: Inside the Minds of the Truly Wealthy was called “indispensable to marketers" by Publisher’s Weekly, and Booklist described it as “great reading, even better inspiration for millionaires-to-be.” His television appearances have included CNBC’s Squawk on the Street and The Filthy Rich Guide. Steve has given hundreds of presentations at conferences and client events. 

Prior to Jumpshot, Steve ran several industry-leading research studies, including The Ipsos Affluent Survey (tracking financially-successful Americans for more than 40 years), the Yankelovich Monitor (well-known study of consumer values and lifestyle trends), and Women, Power & Money (a multi-wave global study of the marketplace impact of women).

Steve received his Ph.D. in social psychology from Harvard University, and later taught psychology and statistics at his alma mater, the University of Florida. He lives with his son (and Gen Z ambassador) in the oceanside paradise of Pacifica, just south of San Francisco.